Sep 22, 2009

Lust SIN

For some odd reason this song speaks sooooooooooooooooooo many volumes to me.
(sounds crazy, but it kinda talks to me) i guess from my life experiences i can relate to the vibe melody, soothes my emotions and feelings..almost feel one with this song...

Sep 19, 2009

Money Mayweather

I wanna know WHO said this was gone be a good fight; Mayweather made this dude look like a straight novice. Juan woulda been better off getting tips from Fight Night Round 4. Floyd was pretty much flawless THEE whole fight.....honestly i dont see ANYONE beating this man. He could very well retire undeafeated and go down as one of boxing's top 3 all time....

Sep 16, 2009

Recent Pickup of Mine

Recent pickup of mine ; quite possibly one of the best shoes ever.
now just to try and get the other colorways...

{random thoughts strung together}

Reflections on yourself should be daily as everyday starts anew. Evaluation on your virtues and sayings should be constantly monitored so that lust, anger or utter foolishness doesnt take over; know yourself and be true to the essence of yourself so that distortion and fake-ness doesn;t become you. This alone is the # 1 ailment of modern society; people are but artificial as well as superficial; plastic made from the remnants of real, which is such a shame because trueism is the light and pinnacle of everything.

Jul 25, 2009

What has the world come to?

world i got a question........why does everybody have to be "outgoing"?
its like people have forgotten how to just sit down and enjoy the small stuff.
people wanna be all under the flashing lights and want all the attention and spotlight on them at all times. and then when someone doesnt do that and would rather enjoy solitude they label him or her as being arrogant or stuck up... sometimes even a lame....SMH....i just dont get it...people wanna be everything they see on BET and in the street.....its like people have embraced the party/hood/flashing light mentality......

Jul 24, 2009

Street Fighter fans...(pauses).......Just watch the video

Jul 23, 2009

Is me?

through these posts you all will see the contents of me.

random thoughts; videos; hot ish; abstract ish, youll see it all

just my thoughts ladies and gentlemen..